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Employee´s health management is essential for every company. After all, knowing your teams' health status is imperative to make sure you will be able to maintain your business up and running. A complex scenario such as COVID-19 is proof of that and any company need to manage potential threats even during social distancing or quarantine to keep up.

In order to face these challenged times, INTCOM team developed BlueDirect Health Management. Our software aims to help companies to monitor your workforce, outsourced personnel and third parties.

BlueDirect Management helps you to screen your employees to detect potential risks and manage confirmed cases. You can deploy a coordinated response in a short time and ensure the safety of your business site and routine is under control.

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Dynamic Workflows

Our solution offers a built-in form builder to enable you to create custom questionnaires to screen your workforce, visitors or third parties. Ensuring you a better and faster comprehension of your staff´s health and potential risks compared to the traditional workflows depending on clumsy spreadsheets and e-mails.

Centralized Information

We focus on Health Management Team´s tasks and routines. Essentially that means a lot of data collection and transfer them to spreadsheets. Our solution helps you to send out forms and collect screenings and health information always inside our software, all the data you need will be on one place and always available to all team members. Forget shared email inboxes or attachments, in addition you will mitigate the risk of data breach using the traditional methods.

Friendly and Simple

Health professionals or HR professionals who assist or lead the health monitoring processes can operate our tool because its interface is friendly and free from complications, without requiring specific prior medical knowledge.

Health professionals and HR representatives assisting or in charge of health monitoring teams can use our tool since it is user-friendly and simple to use. No specific medical background is required.

COVID-19: Quarantine in Hotels

If you need to quarantine your employees in hotels before allowing them to work in designated workplaces, BlueDirect Health Management will be a great ally because health management teams are able to create workflows to collect information and send specific notification terms for
these employees to sign before going in quarantine, during isolation or after.

COVID-19: KPI and Dashboards

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we can help you keep track of your employees, through a specific Dashboard the health management team will be able to check the results of the exams and evolution of cases over the prior months, they can quickly identify how many employees are healthy and which will need to go into isolation.

Monitoring and Management

A huge advantage for Doctors, Nurses and Management Teams: follow in real time the status of exams of all your employees, with intelligent search for employees by job title, project, department, exams results etc. See at a glance employee who have not taken exams or have already expired results.

Interactivity with your workforce

Offer your employees a convenient screening process: answering health questionnaires wherever they are, directly in our software. Without worrying about emails lost in the spam box.

Risk Management

We help you to identify potential risks and manage any medical cases, our solution works as a central point in order to let you team assess and create mitigation plans so they can deploy faster coordinated responses to ensure your team and company safety. Enable your employees to read and understand new processes, protocols and communications faster, act on gaps by checking who read or who didn´t.

Control Beyond Your Team

Outsourced personnel, vendors and visitors. If you need to make sure so many outsiders are compliant to your rules can be a beast! Also it carries a huge potential safety breach to your worksite. BlueDirect Health Management allows you to screen your outsourced personnel, vendor or visitors before, if they need to follow safety protocols you can send them upfront so they can read and agree to them. All the forms and terms will be logged on their profiles whenever you need them.


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